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Partners in crime and those we couldn't do without

Over the past two decades, Noonsite has been the cruising yachtsman’s primary source of worldwide cruising information, including a wealth of up-to-date information on practically every country of interest. As the only source on the web for detailed information on country formalities and what to expect when you first arrive in a foreign port, plus port and marina information, a wealth of reports from cruisers and the latest cruising news, Noonsite should be bookmarked as every skipper’s favorite.

 NOFOREIGNLAND is a resource for information on anchorages mostly.  It is run by Steve and Helena who are themselves liveaboards.  there goals are that:

  • Sailors should be able to share information.
  • You should be able to see where your friends are at any time.
  • Make life sociable: join groups or simply chat with other cruisers.
  • We permit no advertising or spam on our site. is basically another version of but more commercial.  It has a phone app and you can book marina’s through its interface and other services.  But the community is strong and well supported with comments and updates for anchorage, marina’s et al.

Downloadable resources from Sailing Waiata

Waiata's Guests Manual can be downloaded here.

A simple PDF that explains what's what on Waiata and hopefully will make your stay with us easy and more enjoyable. Covers everything from how to charge your phone, how a shower works, how we don't flush anything down the toilet that hasn't been through our bodies (yep no toilet paper on Waiata.. you should read that section) to how to launch the dinghy and our stereo system.

Manual for Lagoon 450S - Waiata's type of boat

This is Lagoon's manual for the Lagoon 450S, which is what Waiata is. It's a handy read for us owners, but might be of interest to you if you're one of our friends coming as a guest. She's a great boat.

B&G Zeus 3 manual

Instruction manual for B&G Zeus 3 Chart Plotter.

SeaWaterPro Water Maker Manual

Instructions for running of Water Maker onboard Waiata

B&G V50 VHF Radio

Manual for VHF Radio onboard Waiata

Whitepaper - The Marine Industry Proprietary Business Practices

Proprietary Business Practices in the Marine industry.  Not all bad, but perhaps some should be discouraged.

Whitepaper - Marine Electronics - Battery Banks for Household loads-Lithlium

What you need to know to get started. How hard it is it. How to chose a battery. How Dangerous it it is or not.

Whitepaper - NMEA Networks simplified

Simplifying the boat network conversation. NMEA Sailing networks for dummies. A simple howto or 101 to explain how NMEA works on your boat and how you can integrate into it.

Whitepaper - Marine Electronics - How to build your own Boat network and WIFI

Simplifying the boat network conversation. High speed networks for boats (NOT NMEA) are becoming essential. Learn how to build one. NMEA, WIFI, Ethernet, Sailing networks for Dummies. Opensource alternatives. HOWTO build a network including WIFI, 4G Mobile and even a NAS.

Whitepaper - Marine Electronics - How to make use of Mobile Apps onboard

How to use Mobile apps onboard. The dummies guide to NMEA, WIFI and getting access to the rich and ever expanding world of mobile apps for navigation and all other marine uses.

Howto connect Victron Cerbo GX to MFD

HOWTO connect your Victron GX device to your MFD to show battery, charger, inverter, tank levels etc.

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