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12V resettable blade fuses on late model Lagoons need a contingency plan.

To be clear the fuses themselves by E.T.A are great and worth hanging onto, BUT the fuse holders that are mounted onto the 12V DIN Rail are NOT designed for life at sea and will break early and repeatedly.

Keep a stock of good marine grade blade fuse blocks that you can use to jump over the damaged blocks, using the same resettable fuse in them, because the originals are not fit for purpose and also very hard to get in most countries.

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  1. Any help on figuring why my 12v system is not powered. I went to use the anchor windlass and all the boat power 120v and 12v shut off. Finally go the inverter to put out the 120V, but still no 12v. Found the black cable coming from the two battery chargers burnt up on the +battery main shutoff switch. Switch is bad, waiting for switch and wire to come in. Tried another switch but still no power going to the 12v side. Lithium batteries have and LED screen saying 13.2-14.5V and they are being charged by solar. Inverter converting 12v to 120v, but i have to unplug the RJ45 to restart the inverter if i shut it off. Color controllor not working, so i can’t monitor victron quattro, or MPPTs etc. Even the factory fuel, water electric screen is off. Any thoughts on stuff to check?

    1. Hey Don,
      You almost definitely have two feeds from your 12v batteries, one to your inverter and one to your main 12v fuse and 12v systems there after.

      The inverter monitor et al will be 12v powered so have no power. I’m guessing you probably have Victron color controller panel (12v powered) which if not powered will not allow the inverter to start, hence having to unplug the RJ45 Can bus lead and therefore get the invertor to start on its own momentarily, drop it out of the Canbus control for a moment.

      So you need to trace the 12v feed from your battery bank to the main 12v fuse and onward from there. Guessing one of those components has been damaged in the short your Windlass caused. Most likely canidate is the main 12V fuse itself, which should be close to the battery.

      Once your fixed that you need to work out and fix what went wrong with your windlass as its own fuse should have protected the main fuse and circuit.

      Hope that helps.

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