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A Painterly Night Sky on Valentine’s

Nature served up the most beautiful sunset to celebrate Valentine's Day

It’s the day for lovers around the world although both the Captain and I both ascribe more to the ‘act and live like you’re in love’ everyday philosophy.   Reddish golden-hued sunsets are the domain of poets and night skies are the domain of painting poetic words for lovers and they do capture our imagination.  We do adore a painterly night sky irrespective of whether we are on land or at sea.  A stunning sunset is a prelude to the promise of a new dawn.  And so this Valentine’s Day we send you a wish for the love of family and friends, and that this great work of art captured in tonight’s sky might capture your spirit to bring you joy, not just today, but every day.   Fair skies.  Fair winds.  Fair seas. And full hearts. 

“I love the light in your eyes and the dark in your heart
You love our permanent chase and the bite of our bark
We know we’re classic together like Egyptian gold
We love us”
– 5 Seconds of Summer. You can listen here 

Watch our Valentines sunset video here

A beautiful sunset for Valentine’s Day served up by nature

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