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Anchor Drag Alert – Sometimes you Anchor needs a hand

When the gusts come and you get that terrible announcement, “Anchor Drag Alert”…. the answer is first don’t panic.

Watch for a while, it might be that it needs to reset, wind has significantly changed direction and has dragged the anchor for a bit to do so.

To help it reset and also prevent it dragging in very high wind gusts, sometimes you want to use your engines to slow down the drag or work against the wind to keep it all under control, just as you do when you anchor in the first place.

You don’t always need to lift the anchor and reset.

So if you feel you might need to use your engines, start them, have them warm BEFORE you need them. Just like most things on a boat “IF YOU THINK YOU “MIGHT OR SHOULD” DO SOMETHING” – DO IT NOW.

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