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Anchor Trip lines take some thought

When anchoring in rocky terrain its always a possibility you might get your anchor caught under a rock.

For this purpose anchors have a trip line attachment point that is designed to pull the anchor backward without levering up the tip.

The recommended practice is to attach a line to this and then to a buoy (floating fender) that will allow you to retrieve the line and pull the anchor out from under a rock if need be.

Problem with this approach is that boaties are always looking for buoy’s to moor too and guarantee if you leave a “mooring buoy” 40m in front of you someone will use it!!!!!

A far better solution is to tie on your trip line on and then attach it to your anchor chain at intervals with bread ties or zip ties until it is reasonably close to the boat and then lead it up onto deck.

No mooring buoy for idiots to use to lift your anchor, easy to grab a trip line and pull up, breaking the zip ties and leveraging out the anchor. Job sorted!!!

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