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As a cruiser you need some form of land transport

Now most cruisers choose a collapsible bike like a Brompton or these days they go for an electric scooter to get them around.

We’ve learnt that Electric scooters don’t really like boat life and are not good on badly paved roads, collapsible bikes are an option but you need the room for them and they still take effort on hot and sunny days to cover any miles.

Myself I have fallen in love with my EUC. I have a Kingsong S18 and it fits in a locker on the boat, charges easily from our solar, has a great range, doesn’t care about hills, I can take it into stores rather than have to find a place to lock it and mostly keep up with traffic if need be. Up and down kerbs is an easy thing as well.

It disappears into restaurants and allows me a huge range, trouble free. Has held up well to the sea life and doesn’t care about what type of ground I am trying to ride over. 18″ wheels and suspension mean it will go anywhere A mountain bike will go.

As a cruiser you need some form of land transport to get to stores or get your stores……My choice is the EUC!!!

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