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Be patient with Dock hands at Fuel Docks.

Getting onto and off a Fuel Dock can be very stressful and take a lot of planning and preparation. But you do it once that day, The fuel dock attendee has to deal with every captain and crew in the same stressful situation.

They fall into two categories, those that are tired of dealing with stressed out people and those that try very hard to make your visit as less stressful as possible.

The first respond very well to kinds words that show you understand how hard their job is and the second are just wonderful to have as they make your day so much easier and you should listen to them, you know your yacht and preferred way of mooring but they know the dock and its peculiarities, between you both you should make a great team.

Understand their job, take your time with them, remember they often won’t speak your language but will speak your language when it comes to sailing. Be kind, it always gets repaid.

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