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Becoming a shore crew member!

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A journey in its own right.

Hi there everyone,

My name is Matt,

I thought I had best introduce myself as I will be assisting Connie and Greg while they cross the Atlantic by ensuring they have a point of contact shall anything arise during the journey as well as keeping everyone up to date while they have limited communication facilities. this will entail me responding to comments here and on social media, updating people on their location, receiving communications from them and passing them on as well as a few other behind the scenes functions. whilst strictly speaking this is not a journey aboard the Waiata, it is a journey for me and helps me to be a part of their adventure. I look forward to interacting with you all whilst they make their journey and hope to be as informative and responsive as possible when they do set sail.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

6 Responses

  1. Hi Matt, we look forward to hearing all about the exciting crossing , Greg and Connie must be delighted your on board good luck and fair winds 🥂🍾🍻⛵️

  2. Connie and I appreciate your help Matt. Alex is also helping Mike with weather for us.

    Connie and I are so glad we have the support of friends and family as we cross. Our data connection will be slow we’ll need it.

  3. Wow Matt – what a wonderful introduction! Your words are so lovely and we are immensely proud and happy to have you as part of our very important shore crew team. We are in good hands. Xxx

  4. Safe travels team you’ve got this.You are all LEGENDS ⛵️ Merry Christmas to you all just in case you are out of range🤩Steve Ellis

    1. Unfortunately Steve, we’ll “have it” later in the week, the weather turned really nasty and we were not making enough progress to stay ahead of it, so we returned to Las Palmas (along with a few other boats) and will wait for the lows (one was threatening to become a named storm) have passed through. Friends, who are already in the middle of their crossing don’t have that option and one is diverting to Carbo Verde whilst others are just hanging in there. I’m wishing them a quick settling of the weather.

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