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Blissed Out in Budva

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We are in the Montenegrin riviera, and we’re blissed out, loving it here. It’s a split personality place with the old town and the new.  

Wisteria wrangles its way over arbors and its perfume is heavy on the air. Scholars say where the old town is located was once an island where a sand isthmus formed to join it to the mainland.  

Wisteria wrangles it’s way around a medieval church in old town

The medieval old walled town goes back to at least 2,500 years old which means it’s one of the oldest settlements in all the Adriatic. There is a citadel fortress that nowadays is a theatre stage and a Poet’s Square.

Vincia Pavlina

The Roman square has an impressive Roman altar that archaeologists date to be 20 centuries old.  It bears the inscription “Vincia Pavlina” which suggests it was a sacrificial wine alter to appease the gods. For this modern girl, it is hard to imagine sacrificing wine unless it is to my belly!

The new town boasts long, luxuriating fringes of golden sands with hotels, restaurants and pumping music in a Gold Coast or Waikiki kind of way, but thankfully without the billboards on the beach. 

Whilst only an amateur photographer, I think the images can better convey the blissful feel of Budva better than my words. So, here’s a little Paul Simon ‘Kodachrome’ to accompany today’s photo essay.

Poet’s Corner
The bell is apparently from a movie filmed here in the ’60s… and is plastic!
A charming white bike
The ancient watch tower
A contradiction with modern architecture

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world’s
A sunny day, oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph

Kodachrome fits today’s photo essay

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