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Bye Bye Budva; Hello Bigova

For a change from the thronging crowds-we've found a quiet fishing village with a population of 101.

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We have left behind the doof doof doof of the waterfront nightclubs and midnight fireworks displays that inject the flavour of ‘modern’ into the ancient city and hotel laden beaches of Budva. The town is a playground magnet and was starting to heave with tourists.

We’ve had a delightful time and thoroughly enjoyed her charm and history. We visited the beautiful old town sometimes twice a day, such was her ability to flirt with our desires and sate our appetite for the history and beauty that she serves up. We discovered the taste sensation of ‘borek’ which is really a local version of ‘pie’, we pumped up the SUP’s with the Captain immediately venturing out for a paddle to wear off a borek, and we met some more new friends who introduced us to the taste sensation that is Seville Orange flavoured gin.

Bigova Waterfront evidences its fishing importance

But new anchorages beckon and so today we have lifted our beloved Rocna anchor ‘Bertha’ and traveled a full 10 nautical miles up the Adriatic coast that is littered with explorable caves, to Bigova. It is a quaint, sleepy fishing village with a population of 101. There is one fish restaurant here and the supermarket is unstocked and evidently not open. Many of the houses are shuttered and awaiting the arrival of those who no doubt will throng here within a few weeks. The amount of boat traffic continues to increase and Europeans are on the move for summer which is teasing her presence.

Shuttered in Bigova

We will enter Kotor in a day or three. That, they say, is when we will hold our breath for the beauty is astounding. We can hardly wait to share that with you.

Caves along the coast today

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Into My Arms” track, comes from their 10th studio album “The Boatman’s Call”

And I believe in Love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candle burning
And make her journey bright and pure
That she will keep returning
Always and evermore

Nick Cave Into My Arms

4 Responses

  1. Looks stunning another beautiful fishing village apparently I’ve just read there is healing sand up the top of the beach if it works could you send me some please 😂😂😂enjoy sounds like it’s inland abit so well protected x🍻🥂🍾⛵️☀️

  2. Borek and orange flavoured gin, yum yum. You guys certainly know how to live 😎.
    The Montenegrin coast certainly looks to have some wonderful places to explore.
    Haf fun guys, Živjeli! 🍻

  3. Its gorgeous here. We were offered a mooring ball the moment we arrived, the deal is you eat at their restaurant or pay an exorbitant fee for the ball…. We choose to anchor instead and have the choice of restaurants.

    After some review browsing we think we might have made the right choice :-). hugely varied reviews.

    Such a beautiful, peaceful and still anchorage. Since being in Montenegro we have only had one days blow and a couple of rainy days.. the rest have been gorgeous and calm.

    Alex, you’ll be pleased to know that I have even swam once….. it was a very short swim :-).

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