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Captain Sew-It-All

We are currently in the construction phase of designing and creating our rear cockpit enclosure.  In line with our “sea snail” kind of life, we’ve been carrying the haberdashery and material components since we left England and now that we’re in the deep dark depths of winter, it is time to get on with the job.  Whilst some may think that manning the sewing machine is traditionally a ‘pink’ job, in our world, it is the Captain who is doing all the sewing on the Sailrite.  Here are the keder rail and ‘eyebrows’ installed. Next up – tent city when the ‘walls’ will be under construction.  Stand by for visual updates on the new installation.

We think the zip line and keder look like eyebrows.

Clever Captain Sew-It-All on his Sailrite

“When you say that he’s livin’ wrong
He’ll tell you he knows he’s livin’ right
And you’d be a stronger man
If you took Misstra Know-It-All
– He’s Misstra Know It All – (Sew It All) – Stevie Wonder. Listen here

4 Responses

    1. Make you a deal.. you sail out to find us and I’ll sew you up an awning :-).

      You might want to observe the final result before committing :-).

    1. Sailrite. Designed for canvas and sail work on boats. I think Connie lives that seeing has become the blue job. But it’s a joint affair, she’s out there helping with fitment and pattern making et Al.

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