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Catamaran Vs MonoHull: Condomaran’s benefits.

We sail in a Lagoon 450 Sportop model. We call it our Condomaran and have no illusions about its performance.

We are not hugely experienced sailors but we have had the opportunity to sail on a few different boats and boats are horses for courses. So we thought a few, facts straight from our own REAL experience facts about Condomarans should be available for you.

Having just spent a night in an incredibly rolly anchorage the first one you need to understand is that a Condomaran is comfortable first and foremost. We have large walk around beds, huge solar array, popup TV, 4 Fridge/freezers, wide stance and rolly means a pain but not intolerable, in fact my Connie slept soundly all night and the motion although not ideal, was not a real problem.

You spend a huge amount of time at anchor and from personal experience you can’t beat a condomaran for comfort and ease at anchor.

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