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Evening cruise in the middle of winter

There's nothing quite like a winter evening cruise to a seaside bar to raise ones spirits.

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wrapped up here in Greece against the weather it can get to be rather reclusive if your not careful. I’m lucky though as I have neighbours, Dennis and Sandra who have made sure they reached out the moment I arrived beside them.

Yesterday Dennis hatched a plan to lift my Dinghy from the back of my boat across the pontoon into the harbour, effectively freeing our family car for use. The greater plan was liberty for me of course, but I was yet to discover this.

Obviously NOT exactly our dinghy.. unless I’ve grown into a completely different shape :-). But same model et al.

Now you’ve seen the picture you can imagine what this thing weights!!! but we did manage it and only with a small hernia left in its place.

The bigger goal was a sunset cruise that Dennis and Sandra wanted to invite me along on and their own dinghy was a little small for all four of us…. Putter the dog would of course be joining.

So setting off into a slowly setting sun, on one of the brighter days this week. We headed around the coast into a small bay were we could beach the dinghy’s and take a stroll, all the way across the road to the small “Cafe” run by a rather lovely couple and we could chat and watch the sun disappear into the sea through the entrance into Lakki harbour.

The return cruise was coolish but still and illuminated by the glow of the Lakki lights and marina.

More drinks followed of course and a tour of their lovely catamaran that the two of them have called home now for 20+ years.

Life is definitely something you need to live.

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