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Flag Change Time – Ciao Italy, Bonjour France 

We are about to lower the Italian flag as we leave San Remo and depart Italy. We are 9 miles from France and about to raise the French flag as Monaco appears on our starboard side.

Ciao Wonderful Italy

We have thoroughly enjoyed everything that is quintessentially Italiano.  We have eaten our body weight in ciabatta, prosciutto and gorgonzola, and enjoyed the last of sweet scented summer stone fruits.  

The San Remo fountain – it sits on a roundabout

Our last Italian port is San Remo.  The tiny French speaking principality of Monaco is just 9 miles around the corner. Fortunately for us, the Costeria Guardiera have kindly allowed us to moor Waiata on the transit quay.  In this port in particular this is a rare treat, mostly because Waiata is too big for their 12 metre limit so it’s usually a ‘no no’ due to our big assed girl. But as 40 knot mistral winds arrived and we handed in our constituto (boat paperwork) to officially say ‘ciao’ to Italy, we asked the question.  And they said ‘Si señor’ – yes, you can moor on the transit berth.

Some gorgeous architecture – almost Russian like at a San Remo church

Mooring on the Transit Dock

Being on the transit dock means we’ve had a day of easy on and off the without lowering the dinghy. We have been provisioning and buying the last of the best Italian produce. I did make the error of buying no alcohol beer, which will just have to be remedied further down the coast in France. but there was time for a long stroll through town and a luscious lemony gelato. There is an old fort that once was a jail, and some lovely architecture and sculptures to enjoy as we inhale the last of all things Italian.

The old fort with a contradictory modern red chair in front.

More importantly, followers will know we have  persevered through some terrible storms this season. Importantly the safe mooring means we are protected from the whipping white caps and wicked winds.  As we leave we now have the scirocco winds which originate in the Saharan desert are now blowing our way. It seems at this time of year, more than ever, we are at the mercy of the weather and seas going from one extreme to the other.

The Italian Flag flies in front of the San Remo casino

And now we are about to raise the French flag.  Monaco is on our right looking pretty perfect and manicured.  Tonight we plan to be in Cannes.  Ooh  la la. —


Earth Wind and Fire have long been one of my favourite super groups. They are the one group that I haven’t yet worked with in my music world. “September” is one of my ‘funeral’ songs, I love it so much. And as we spent our last night in Italy, it is actually the 21st of September and this is one I’ll always remember. The lyrics are so apt, don’t you agree?

“Do you remember
The 21st night of September?
Love was changin’ the minds of pretenders
While chasin’ the clouds away…”

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