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From Snow to Sundowners

We have snow on the hills and a village poised in anticipation for the arrival of sun and people

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Well, our five-day-long desire for respite from the manic Greek winds looks as though it will have to be extended and our first chance to sail out of here will likely be on Friday according to numerous weather forecasts and apps. 

This morning there is again snow on the highest hill to our starboard.  The winds haven’t abated and we’ve topped out at 46 knots to date.  The wind is so visual as the white caps race toward the open sea like white horses each time the wind gets to around twenty knots or more. At around 40 knots the seawater becomes airborne spray and throws its salty brininess up over the boat leaving residues on the windows that I so lovingly cleaned only last week. Still, it could be worse. 

Batsi town quay

This quaintly picturesque seaside village of Batsi on the most mountainous island of Andros is a visual treat both by day and by night.  As you’d expect, there is a plenitude of churches and monasteries.  They regularly ring their bells and the percussive sound accompanies the tuneful twang of wind vibrating in our rigging. It is the current sound of our life on our usually quiet boat.

Our visual feasts include the quintessential fishing boats with bright acid yellow nets that line the village foreshore and a wooden boardwalk that meanders past beach showers and lifesaver viewpoints along the seashore on one side and stone walls and bridges breaking up the whitewashed hotels with pools on the other.

For those interested more in partying and fashionable pastimes, there are white sand beaches aplenty where the bikini-wearing, Ambre Solaire and La Roche-Posay slathered flocks will soon arrive. At our current back door, there is a beach bar ready to fling open its sandy shutters and start serving sundowners, cosmopolitans, and margaritas from April.  And there are stairs everywhere that lead you up to alleyways laden with tavernas, bars, purveyors of gold jewellery, and fashion stores.    So from snow to sundowners, this little pretty seaside town seems to have it all. Just add sun and people.

The beach bar outside our back door will soon be serving cocktails.

The legendary Earth Wind and Fire have always been my absolute favorite funk and soul band. They are the one group I most wanted to work with during my time working in the music business that I never got to tour with. And as we are at the mercy of the element of wind for the next wee while, it is only fitting that they are today’s chosen sound.

“All the love in the world can’t be gone (love in the world can’t be gone)
All the need to be loved can’t be wrong (need to be loved can’t be wrong)
All the records are playing and my heart keeps saying
Boogie Wonderland, Wonderland”.

You can listen here.

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  1. Not the best news for you guys and it can’t be too comfortable with the adverse weather. However, I’m glad you’re appreciating the surroundings and sharing them with us all.

  2. Looks beautiful and quaint I loved Earth wind and fire I remember dancing to their music in the clubs enjoy your time in Andros that beach bar would come in handy now if it were open 😂🍾🥂🍻

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