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Goodbye Croatia; Ciao Italy.  A new cruising chapter ahead. 

We've had our last sunset here. Today we say goodbye to all things Croatia and Ciao Italy as we set sail and cruise into a new chapter. Adriatic Crossing Ahead!

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We’ve now spent more than a couple of months cruising in Croatia. Waiata has mostly motored the entire time because winds are either non existent, on the nose, or blowing a blustery bora. Bora is the most feared wind in Croatia.

Our last night saw us experience another stunning sunset. But yet another bora wind blew up, gratefully without lightening this time.   A few boats dragged but Waiata held tight and we are pleased we let out more chain early.  Sadly a yacht did end up on the rocks.

A local boy in Cavtat fishing near the Q dock

But now it’s time to say goodbye and cross the Aegean to Italy.  Irrespective of dangerous weather, we will reflect with smiles about our time and adventures here.  

We have sailed the coast from Cavtat in the south to old towns and bays north of Split, and adventured around many of the thousand plus islands.  We have visited many old walled towns and cities, and dived into the turquoise blue ocean that ranges from 25-30 degree sea temperatures to cool off on countless occasions. 

The best memories have been banked. We have made new friends and met people along the way who we hope to cross bows with again some day. And best of all, several groups of friends have joined us onboard our sailing home.    We have enjoyed every moment of swimming, laughing, sharing Croatia and satellite spotting with you all. 

Umbrellas like lollipops on the rocks in Cavtat

Ann, Rich and Alex joined us first and we shared adventures and new discoveries as we voyaged to our northern most part of Croatia.  Next up were Julie and Mike. They already knew Waiata having visited us before we sailed away from the UK and being our ‘farewell blighty’ party contingent, we had some great adventures and socializing.  And dual citizens Mandy and Ian from New Zealand and England have been on our farewell circuit of by now, well known anchorages.  This morning they departed back to life as usual, leaving behind a yo-yo.  I plan to re-master this toy during the night voyage ahead. I can easily ‘forward pass’ The first goal is to again be able to “walk the dog” and “around the world”.  The captain has only half jokingly stated that perhaps he should be wearing a hard hat as I work on my yo-yo trickery. 

A touristy Spanish style galleon cruises Croatian waters

At this moment we are about to weigh the anchor and sail across the Aegean Sea.  It’s goodbye Croatia and in around 20 hours, ciao Italy. 

Our first task when we get to Italy after officially checking in, will be to find whole coffee beans and some form of blue cheese.  There are only instant coffees, Nespresso or pre ground coffees here. We like to grind our beans freshly every morning.  And as you likely know, the Italians do decent fresh java. 

Croatia is proud of its cheeses which are ok but one tires of Edam, Gouda and the like. They all seem to be a little bland for my palate that prefers a little excitement – so a smelly strong Italian Gorgonzola is also on our shopping list.

We leave behind great memories. New ones to follow

Our check in port will be Bari which is the capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region.  It will be an overnight sail – our first since we left Corfu and sailed past Albania nearly 5 months ago. And we’re hoping we can cross to the other side of the Adriatic in around 20 hours.

No doubt Italy will deal up a selection of entirely new experiences to share. Thank you for continuing to come along for the ride and joining us on the journey.  As Rihanna so aptly sings in ‘Farewell’

“I will write to tell you what’s going on
But you won’t miss nothing but the same old song
If you don’t mind catching up
I’ll spend the day telling you stories about a land far away”

Rihanna joins us in saying Farewell

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