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Goodbye Greece – You’ve Been Grand

Our next chapter is about to begin as we farewell Greece and enter the Adriatic.

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We’re on the move!  After many months of cruising the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and circumnavigating the Greek islands, we are waving goodbye to all things Grecian, and heading to the Balkans and the Adriatic. 

Greece – a beautiful part of the world

It’s been a grand time.  We have met so many wonderful people, visited temples and castles and places of antiquity so old that you can feel the ages oozing through the pores of your skin and in the creak of your bones. The winter has been both harsh with flurries of snow and lashings of wind, and kind with spring scattering kind doses of skin kissing sun to let us know it’s nearly our turn for summer.

Castles and history abound

Our last few nights have been spent in a resort-studded, Venetian fort flanked Corfu.  The island attracts the famous, rich, and royalty.  Prince Philip was born here.  Casanova made wild love a sport here. And celebrated British naturalist and zookeeper Gerald Durrell was inspired to write “My Family and Other Animals” here.

A window from the past into today

Our last sail in Greece was full asymmetric with a light wind behind. We have dodged more than our fair share of fishing boats and cruise liners. There are an incalculable number of white sandy beaches, cave-riddled smuggler friendly shorelines, strawberry pink houses dotted amongst massive creamy mansions, and bright purple bougainvillea embellishing tree trunks amongst the verdant green.

Beaches, tavernas, and people are amongst the highlights

To our starboard side is Albania which we will be passing right on by, heading directly to Montenegro with a sail that will see us do around 30 hours non-stop, lifting anchor tonight when the winds that whip up this morning are due to die down to a friendly sailable angle and speed.

We’ve had to dodge ferries – this one just yesterday with the last of mainland Greece in the background

We will go dark for a while as our UK data plan doesn’t extend to Albania, and we will reconnect once we are in Montenegro.  Thank you for following our journey and coming along for the ride.  Our next chapter is about to begin.

It was an asymmetric sail down the last of the coast of mainland Greece

Today’s track is a gorgeous classic – ‘Beyond the Sea’ is a love song version of the original French “La Mer”. It has been covered by many great artists including Benny Goodman, George Benson, Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams.  But my favourite is the stylistic, jazz-pop version by Bobby Darin.

Bobby Darin’s version of Beyond the Sea is sing out loud fabulous

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  1. Fantastic prose as always. We’ve all enjoyed your visit to the Grecian coastline of the Med and now look forward to your escapades in the Balkans.
    Take care for now and see you on the other side (off Albania) ⛵️

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