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How to tell if we all dragged together

I’ve said before Radar is your friend learn to use it, it’ll be to your advantage.

Sometimes when there is a big wind shift suddenly, especially from a very light wind situation, boats drag all over the place as their anchors get flipped and have to reset.

Some anchors take longer to reset than others and some take less time or perhaps were set originally when the wind was closer to the shift that has come through and don’t move at all.

When your anchor alarm goes off your first response should be DON’T PANIC lets see what’s happening, do I need to give the anchor some assistance, has it reset already but we’ve moved outside of our perimeter we set as it has reset, are we still moving or now settled, etc.

If you have just reset, but further back than you wanted because it took a little while to reset (10m is not unusual if you get a sudden 180 shift after very light winds) then the big thing you need to know AFTER YOUR SURE YOUR NOT MOVING ANYMORE, is how did everyone else move in relation to us?

DO WE STILL HAVE A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THE OTHER BOATS. Radar is your friend, it will quickly, even at night, confirm where everyone else in the anchorage has settled and if they are closer, further away or taken just about the same distance to reset as you have.

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