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If it’s on deck, tie it down.

Today whilst cruising in wonderfully calm weather with bright sunshine and motoring because we had 0.2kts of wind…… I took the anchor ball down as we left the anchorage and threw it into the forward cockpit ready for putting back up when we got to our next anchorage in just over an hour.

You guessed it, as we passed through a cut the wind whipped up momentarily and when we arrived…. no anchor ball to be found.

If its on deck… tie it down!!! that goes for your Admiral as well :-).

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  1. My Dad had a catamaran and I was about 2 or 3. He tied me on a short lead to the mast so I wouldn’t fall in but also left his tools by me! I got into trouble when I amused myself by through tools down the slates to see the splash! Dad was furious but I totally blame the parents !!!!
    Do you need us to bring a replacement with us?

  2. In our short sailing career one we have learnt one thing is for sure, If it can fall it will fall.
    If it falls it will end up in the briny.

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