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Induction Cooking is a good thing??

On Waiata we have a large battery bank and a large solar array. So Induction Cooking makes sense, right?

Yes it does but you need to consider the impacts. When we added Induction cooking we retained the Gas (our special solution for Gas) because induction cooking can have quite a large hit on your power.

Connie uses ours for cooking and also boiling the jug etc. Everything we would normally use the gas for other than the oven.

Unsurprisingly, when you think about it, we use the 2Kw Induction about 2 hours a day or more, that’s 1-2Kwh’s of power a day or to put that into 12V speak 150+Ah. In our terms its 12% of our entire battery pack or about 20% of our daily power usage — added on top.

Sometimes you might need to go back to Gas, light autumn or later summer when the Solar is struggling a little bit. So keep the Gas around when or if you move to Induction Cooking.

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