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Keeping a coppercoat Hull clean just needs patience and the right tools.

We’ve got a coppercoat hull, which means its a hard (epoxy based) hull paint that can be scrubbed cleaned with some gentle maintenance.

Make sure you never scrub an Ablative bottom paint, you’ll just remove all the paint.

The Coppercoat is only a thin covering and if you have a winters growth on your hull it might be tempting to get into it with a steel paint scraper and get that growth off fast.

But that might just take your coppercoat off with the sealife. There is a better way.

Use a plastic scraper and very stiff bristled brush. Rough up the hard stuff or anything that doesn’t want to come off immediately and leave it. The next day or two it will come off more and more until its gone and no damage done to your Coppercoat. As it dies off, with its outer layer ruffed up, it will loose its grip on the hull.

Patience is your friend and also a good excuse to take a few days to clean your hull a little at a time. Much more pleasant.

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