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Late Summer can be really hard on Batteries

It’s not intuitive but makes perfect sense when you live through it. Late summer, hot muggy days with cloudy skies and brewing thunderstorms, can be a nightmare for your house batteries.

The reason is that you get very little actual direct sunlight and yet its hot, hot all day and most of the night. Fridges and Freezers are working overtime yet the solar array is not.

We’ve hit our lowest ever battery points in the last few days just living on solar. We’ve been holding our own, only just.

Once a month, or so we run the generator just to make sure it is running and keep things in working order for winter. This month we were glad to run it for a short time to bump up our batteries again as they had hit around 40% overnight and that for us is very low.

So surprisingly Late Summer can be a struggle for those of us that live off Solar alone….. maybe not entirely this month :-).

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