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Lazy lines have many uses.

I know many sailors who fear lazy lines, or slime lines as they are often called.

They are messy, sometimes even have enough growth on them to be abrasive and are well known for fouling props on the unwary.

But they also have many benefits, not just in stern-too marinas.

We have used them to hold us off an alongside peer that was draped with an old rusty chain and associated brackets that looked remarkably like it was designed to pierce through a fender, but with lazy lines engaged we were able to balance the boat off the dock just far enough to save the fenders and give us a good nights sleep.

I’ve seen them used to hold a dinghy away from the boats side so that a good nights sleep might be had without the banging associated with each swell coming through.

Don’t fear the lazy lines.

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    1. Absolutely. I’ll write a separate post for it, as the normal Dailywave format is probably a little short. Watch out for it shortly.

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