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Make the Anchor ball an easy thing

Flying an anchor ball is something only a few boats do, We’ve noticed English boats do very religiously, but then their insurance demands that they do it, mostly.

The only reason not to fly an anchor ball is because its a hassle to put one up, so perhaps a quick setup with bungy cord and locking cleats might make all the difference.

On Waiata it literally takes 30secs to fly the anchor ball, so we always put it up. Create a quick fix anchor ball and you’ll never not fly it when at anchor.

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  1. Hi

    Many thanks, it’s a food teminder of how quick it is to do!

    If you’ve time can you post a picture of yours set up? Thanks


    1. Hey Rachael,
      We’ve just arrived in the Canaries, (Lanzarote, Arrecife) and hoisted our Anchor ball :-).. will post a shot of it. We use a bungy around the Genoa sheet and a line around the anchor cleat on our boat. Takes literally 20secs to put up.

      Our Anchor ball.

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