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Marriage Savers are fantastic

Ok.. So what are marriage savers? Well Bluetooth headsets of course… that let you chat casually to your other half, calmly whilst all hell breaks loose onboard and talk your way through what needs to happen.

This would be the “Why” they are called marriage savers…. its alot more marriage friendly than yelling at the top of your voice at each other, being misheard, getting hot under the collar, more yelling, cold dinner, not to mention cold shoulder.. well you get the idea.

If your boat is bigger than a bathtub, get a reasonable set of headsets. They are quite fantastic at keeping the peace and getting things done calmly on the boat, even when it all needs to change, from the plan. After all, plans are those things that you make whilst life is actually dictating what will happen.

Because, I mean what is the hand signal for your about to crash into the dock if you don’t reverse right now!!!!!

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