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Mountains between you and the wind… Will not provide the protection you might expect!!!!

If you don’t understand Anabatic and Katabatic winds , please read up on them quickly.

Anabatic winds

create our afternoon sea breeze which blows onshore as the heat of the day creates rising air and with mountains to guide it up, it creates a powerful cycle that pulls air onshore and up the hills.

Katabatic winds

will do the opposite when the day cools in the afternoon.

During the heat of the day the mountains will have an onshore airflow pushing the strong winds coming from behind the mountain up and over the top of your anchorage.

In the afternoon when the heat of the day passes and no longer powers the onshore breeze the air cools and falls down the mountain, accelerating the winds coming from behind and pulling them down onto the anchorage.

Your protector will turn into your attacker as the sun sets.

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