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Musings of a Night Crossing

Night watch on the boat affords plenty of time for contemplation about life and adventure.

When there is sufficient time and a conducive environment enough to go beyond contemplating ones navel, we can report our mind has been absolutely blown by nature and our universe at sea while on board our catamaran, Waiata.

Night watch on the boat affords plenty of time for contemplation about life and adventure, and  nocturnal observations of the solo variety.  It can make you feel gargantuan in one moment, and more than insignificant in another.  

And when there is no other light to pollute your vision, the immense night sky and great expanse of heaven draws your gaze.  

The milkiness of of our galaxy is so clearly visible.  The awe inspiring moments when you can see Jupiter and Saturn shining as brightly as Venus … and a little harder to see without a little help from technology,  but Neptune can be seen hanging right alongside. A synchronized night show where the planets are harmoniously hanging together  like a band of showmen, whilst the moon is suspended in slow animation bringing the illumination into light relief.   

And excitingly performing like a group of back up dancers, while the planets are performing on high, the sea is lighting up with bio-phosphorus jellyfish.  They are hypnotic to watch and their glow in the dark performance lasts for several hours as Waiata’s rolls over them and churns them into a frenzy of dance.  This sea life are known as moon jellyfish and we have only seen the blue version, although they also come in a pink variety. 

Within the next couple of months we expect to be sailing from Leros in Greece toward Bodrum in Turkey.  We eagerly anticipate what the sky and oceans will reveal in the new oceans we sail and the sea life that live there.  

“Fly me to moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what life is like on
A – Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me”

Frank Sinatra

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