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Our Cruising Plan has just been Updated

If you're planning on coming to stay you'll need to check this out

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The Captain has updated our sailing plan showing where we’ll be cruising over the coming weeks. We have had to adjust this of course due to our decision to avoid Turkey. That means if you’re planning on coming to stay with us, you can check out where we’ll be at the bottom of our home page. This section is regularly updated with Montenegro and Croatia additions expected to be added around May but we’ll be sure to let you know as we know some are planning to come and stay soon. Having visitors to come and share some boat time is such an exciting prospect.

Our cruising plan dates and locations can be found at the bottom of our home page.

On Wednesday the weather looks fair and we expect to sail to Delos – the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological island close by that, according to myth, was the birthplace of the god Apollo.  It was considered the most sacred of all of the islands. Tiny, rocky Delos is less than 3.5 km in area and was a political centre and prosperous as far back as the 3rd century BC. Features include ancient Doric temples, a theatre, an acropolis, and the terrace of lions being amongst its very special historical sites.

If you’re coming to join us, let’s make a plan!

Last week on Patmos we had the pleasure of meeting Benetos, thanks to an introduction from our friends Dennis and Sandra who live on their pretty yacht, Sundowner11.  Benetos and his American wife own the number one ranked fine dining restaurant on the island and he kindly hosted me for coffee and great conversation. We were anchored in the picturesque bay where Benetos is located and he has a private jetty for tying up your tender when you dine there.  Such experiences and meeting quality individuals is thanks to the people in the sailing community, and deepen the richness of choosing to live our sea snail type of life.   So thank you to those who share, care, and pay it forward.  We aim to always do the same.

Waiata in the bay outside Benetos, on Patmos
The quaint stone yacht at the seaward gate to Benetos

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