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Printer onboard?

Do you need a printer onboard your boat?

The short answer is yes, it makes life so much easier and convenient, from printing out boat logs for prosperity to printing copies of documents for authorities whilst checking in.

We found in Greece that having copies of everything that they needed rather than them having to make copies, made their life so much easier and they in turn made our lives so much easier.

A printer on board, if you have somewhere to put a small one, is a real bonus and they don’t use much power!!!

Get a printer onboard.

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  1. Absolutely positively agree. In addition to documents, the ability to print a chartlet (for example a marina layout) that you can mark up and keep at the wheel is a tremendous aid. Printing that one critical page from an electronic manual.

    Ink jet cartridges tend to dry out faster when not used often so carry spares preferably vacuum sealed. If you buy an ink jet printer, get one where the jets are built into the cartridge. Laser printers last longer but draw more power.

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