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Radar available on all my devices!!!!

That’s right with a little technology I have my radar available on my phone, tablet, laptop and RPi.

OpenCPN has a plugin available that will display radar data for a lot of commercial radars including my own B&G Halo 20+ radar scanner.

In order to get it all working I have connected the Radar cable to my ethernet network on my boat, and that network then makes that data available to both the Zeus3 chart plotter and also the Raspberry Pi, on which I run OpenCPN with the Radar plugin.

I can do the same on my laptop but to get this onto my idevices I need to use a remote software (VNC) to “see” and control the RPi display from that device.

All this works faultlessly and as it is on a high speed WIFI network without any delay or lag.

So I can view radar in my bunk or at the Nav desk, can take advantage of other features that the software makes available, like zones protection etc. all from any device on my boat.

Now all I need is a plugin that supports Forward Looking Sonar 🙂

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