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Radar can help you anchor with safe swing distances

Radar is definitely a tool you should spend some time getting to know, its invaluable in so many cases.

Radar is very good at measuring distances, but less accurate for measuring bearings. This works for you in an anchorage

When anchoring around other boats it can be very difficult to get a good measure of how far away you are and if you are in danger of getting into their swing circle.

I use Radar for this purpose and measure the distance to the boats around me fairly accurately, making sure I have at least my chain length of distance from them, so even if we start drifting around in light winds and end up back to back, we should be fine.

You’ll notice in the picture above I have distance circles that give me a really good idea of distance, but I can also touch the screen and get a distance to an exact point. (bottom left of screen) this allows me to keep track of things quite accurately and know for sure I have a safe distance.

Radar is your friend, learn what its good for and use it alot.

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