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Rare Seal Sighting

A gift from nature today, when a rare Mediterranean Monk Seal swum by

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Today we left Mykonos, swung by Apollo’s birthplace island of Delos, and are now hunkered in the pretty little bay of Ormos Ysternion on the island of Tinos. We’re only here for tonight and motored most of the way as the wind was virtually non-existent. We love it when our sails get to have their belly full and fly but it was millpond flat and glassy. So after tonight in Ormos Ysternion we intend to sail on to the next island of Andros.

This is tonight’s anchorage. Wait till the end to see how gorgeous the water is.

We have anchored in around 4.5 metres of water and it is beautifully clear. We decided to sit in the forward cockpit and enjoy the local beer (Mythos in case you’re interested) and next thing you know there is movement in the water next to Waiata. Joy of joys, it is a very rare Meditteranean Monk Seal. We noted he had a yellow tracking device on his back and he was gently cruising the little bay where we are. There are less than 700 of these gorgeous creatures left meaning they are critically endandered. I did try to get video but being a rank amateur, I kept missing the seal every time it slunk to the surface and then dove. So the Meditteranean Monk Seal photo credit belongs to the Marine Mammal Commission.

An endangered Mediterannean Monk Seal. Photo Credit: Marine Mammal Commission.

Seal beautifully sang ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ – it featured on the Space Jam Soundtrack which is kinda fitting seeing as whilst Delos was the mythical birthplace of the Greek God Apollo, Apollo will first and foremost always be the name of a series of NASA manned space missions to me.

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
Into the future………oohhh
Said I wanna fly like an eagle… to the sea
Fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me, I wanna…
Fly right into the future….

You can listen to it here

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