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Redundancy is your friend, plan B

On a boat if something can break it will break… first lesson.

Second lesson is if its important have a redundant back up for it.

The other day coming into a tight and complex little anchorage, with my charts on the plotter, my depth showing clearly and even forward looking Sonar showing me how deep it really was and where…. the MFD shutoff, went black, dead as a doornail.

But I have all my NMEA data broadcast over Wifi and I use iSailor on my IPad for planning routes, keeping logs etc. Even my phone has all the data, so in the end the only thing I was missing was the forward looking sonar, which was still working but because of NAVICO proprietary data formats I had nothing that would display that data.

But I had charts, depth sounder, radar et al. So REDUNDANCY is your friend.

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