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Route with wind or lay-line?

When you’re cruising your often much more interested in getting somewhere than the act of sailing itself. When your out for a day sail, you want to sail and enjoy the feeling of the boat being pushed along.

So as a cruiser should you create a route from the likes of PredictWind and chase the wind all over the sea, or create a lay-line route and sail as close to it as you can and if you can’t motor-sail it?

Its a dilemma, because sailing not only means “fun” it also means not burning diesel.

But what we have learnt on Waiata is that if you go much off the lay-line looking for wind, you’ll end up motoring further most of the time and our golden rule now is… Sail a lay-line unless we are following the wind we have, but never too far from the lay-line or we’ll find ourselves becalmed and motoring further than we wanted too.

So route to the Lay-line, sail off it if the wind is with you, but come back to as soon as you can. VMG often defeats SOG anyway!!!

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