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SafeFill gas bottles are brilliant on a boat

When we were getting the the boat ready during the refit, one of the things that we tried to prepare for was gas. Gas around the world is all differently licensed and controlled and filling gas bottles can be a complete and sometimes impossible mission, because the bottles are not exchangeable or refillable.

To this end we decided to convert the boat over to SafeFill bottles and installed two 14.5Litre SafeFill bottles on the boat in the hope that we would be able to fill these at normal car services stations that supply AutoGas.

We were aware that not every country recognise the SafeFill certifications but as they are EU certified we figured it was worth a try.

Well so far our hit rate has been about 60% allowing us to fill, one that only allowed us to fill partially (Greece) and one that wouldn’t fill at all (Also Greece) whereas other were often cautious but once they had seen certifications allowed me to fill the bottles.

This has made the life of Gas on the hook relatively pain free.

The trick is to make sure you have a copy of the EU certification and translation into the local language and also you don’t simply take no for an answer, every service station I have filled up at has said no initially and then with explanation has understood and agreed to fill the bottle.

SafeFill bottles might not be perfect, but they are perfectly suitable for boat life.

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