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Scary Sudden Lightning Storms to Super Yachts in 24 hours 

We face a sudden storm with forked lightning and scary seas that lasts 6 hours, and wake up to a convention of Super Yachts in a calm bay

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Sudden Lightning Storm

After a sudden six hour lightening and thunder storm of epic proportions, things have calmed down.  The scary storm stretched from Croatia across the Adriatic to Italy.  The forked lightning, thunder and 44 knot winds thrashed every boat in the bay, and has today given way to more heat and humidity.  It was six hours of motoring into the wind trying to hold, focus and work as a team tracking other boats that moved around like billiard balls. Some super yachts were sounding their fog horns and shining spotlights on nearby boats as they lurked for safety on the inky sea. Thankfully, no lifeboats were required. After 6 hours it all subsided and calmed down around 3.30 am.  Mother Nature is a beast. She doesn’t care what type of boat or its value. From super yachts to tiny trimarans, every anchor dragged. Everyone is safe.   

Cavtat – Our Cruise From the Airport Pick Up Place

We remain in Cavtat where we’ve been several times, mostly due to its convenient proximity to Dubrovnik airport.  It’s a great boarding place for friends to join us for a weeks cruise on Waiata. 

A lone canoe brightens the blue around the bay of Cavtat

It’s a little bustling seaside town with touristic ticket sellers vending their ferry/jet ski/ island hop offerings.  There’s a thriving  souvenir market, fishy restaurants and roadside ice cream vendors. Oh, and there is terrible karaoke belted out nightly from the large hotel next to the nudist beach but thankfully silence always reigns by midnight.  

Over the summer months, Cavtat becomes the official check in/out port for boats sailing from Montenegro or Albania.  Located 9km south of Dubrovnik, its  history dates back to 6th century BC.  

Super Yacht Convention

And after the storm, we now have a super yacht convention in our bay.  We counted a dozen of them this morning. Some are chartered super yachts such as the black Baglietto40 metre yacht named Pan Am.

Pan Am – a 40 foot black Baglietto super yacht

One of the dozen or so super yachts that sailed in this morning and anchored near us today is “Moonrise Chase”.   

We wouldn’t have paid her much attention to be honest, except for a helicopter that came and landed on her helipad.  It makes for exciting viewing to watch two marvels of engineering and mechanisation marry in such a majestic way. Moonrise Chase is nearly 100 metres of sleek gorgeousness.  A steel and aluminum hulled boat that is owned by Ukrainian-America billionaire WhatsApp founder Jan Koum. 

‘Constance’ is often considered an abbreviation for Waiata’s admiral’s name “Connie”. And yesterday we got to see the super yacht named “Constance” at the Q (check in) dock.  She won the world super yacht  ‘Voyagers award” in 2018. The owner, Alan Dabbiere has sailed from Florida to Fiji on her.  Rather charmingly he told his little daughter that they found the boat floating on an oyster shell, and that she was actually descended from mermaids. 

The Q Dock at Cavtat finishes with Constance

But in case you were wondering, our favourite yacht in all of our adventures remains the Black Pearl which is located in Tivat, and you can check her out here.

The Daily Wave

We are now over 5,000 nautical miles into our cruising adventures. No matter how far we’ve sailed, everyday we still learn something new.  If you’re keen to also learn something everyday about sailing and a live-a-board life, you may like to check out the captains daily wave here

Lifeboat Party – Kid Creole

American big band group, Kid Creole & The Coconuts were a big deal from the 80’s and still tour. They fused Caribbean, Latin American and disco influences creating a melting pot of memorable sound that made you want to move. My friend Robin brought this album along to one of our European holiday trips back in the day. It’s appropriate today, so this one’s especially for you Robin.

“Welcome to the lifeboat party, child
Invitation only for the rank and file
You got to know somebody
Welcome to the lifeboat party, child
Celebration’ just for the rank and file”

Kid Creole – No Lifeboats Were Needed During the Storm

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