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Set your anchor slowly and Gently

We’ve learnt to drop our anchor chain promptly with the clutch release method so it all dumps quickly, letting out 30-40m of chain immediately.

Then drift backwards, making sure you

  • stay pointed into wind and
  • Do not move backward faster than 0.5 kts, preferably less.

Then when the anchor has grabbed and your admiral, who has had her foot on the anchor chain can feel that its not juddering and skipping, has pulled your bow directly into wind, idle back on it and if it stays the same, then and only then put the bridle on and again drift back until your pulled into wind.

With the admiral watching the bridle to see any juddering or water rushing past, first idle back on both engines for 30-60seconds, then 1500, then 2000 and if you still are not moving your set.

Biggest mistake is trying to set the anchor whilst moving backward too fast, including your bow swinging off and loosing control.

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