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So, You Want To See & Tour Inside?

Join us on board Waiata for a quick tour of our port hull so you can see what cruising living is really like.

A lot of you are curious about what it is really like inside our Lagoon 450s catamaran (aka ‘condo-mar an’). It is just like a floating compact condo or apartment.  So with a view to that, here’s a quick tour of ‘downstairs’ of our port hull. The starboard hull is exactly the same, except of course the converted storage and wardrobe room on the port forward side, remains as a fully bedded en-suite cabin, ready for guests.

Our Cabin’s Look Like This

Whether you’re on a luxury cruise-liner or on a tiny sailing boat, the bedrooms on a boat are usually referred to as ‘cabins’ or ‘staterooms’.   We once had 4 cabins but we converted one to create more storage and wardrobe hanging space.  All 3 sleeping spaces are pretty much the same. Furnished with decent queen sized beds, you can pretty much walk around the side.  Each room has USB ports, power and air conditioning too, opening windows, and hatches that open with bug screen covers.

So, here’s a quick tour of Waiata’s downstairs port hull.  

Our bedrooms look like this

4 Bathrooms

We have 4 bathrooms (‘heads’ in sailing parlance) which means 4 showers, basins and ‘thrones’ to clean.  The showers have closing doors so the bathroom floor stays dry for when you step out.  And our toilets are all electric flush.  Just fully functional as you’d expect for any bathroom.

So our condo-maran is really just like a compact apartment that floats. Next week, we’ll share another couple of our living spaces with you.

A wardrobe and storage space and bathroom. Compact living for sure.

That’s Life On A Boat

Living a cruising life, things are not the same as living on land. But we enjoy and have everything we want and need. The Captain is tall (6 foot 3), while I am small (5 foot 2), and the space we’ve created totally works for us. And after all, that’s life on a boat.

“That’s life on a boat”, was released by Gene Mitchell in 2003. They lyrics certainly fit.

“Some people say, it doesn’t make sense
moving so slowly at such great expense
Sailing’s not cheap, on that I agree
the boat costs money but the wind is free.
That’s life on a boat
Not a place for just ordinary folk
It’s a special breed that feel the need
To live their lives afloat”.

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