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Spinnaker sheets should be run out front to back

When getting ready to launch a spinnaker or Asymmetric sail, one of the first jobs is to run the lines along the boat.

They normally run from the rear spinnaker winches outside the shrouds and onto the foredeck ready for attachment. BUT its much easier to run them the opposite way and FASTER.

Take the coiled line to the bow, uncoil enough to run backward to the winch, run it through any blocks, around the winch and place your stopper (figure 8 knot) in the end.

Leaving the bulk of it on the bow where it will mostly be needed and also once you come to actually deploying the sail, pulling already lead lines through at the winch will be easy.

Try it, you’ll find it much faster and easier to run your lines from Front to back rather than the other way around

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