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Splicing needs some gentle persuasion

Doing an eye splice, in particular on a modern high load double braid line, can be quite difficult.

You need to get a decent length of bury back down into the line because this is where the strength comes from, for this you want to ensure you are tapering the end progressively but not too aggressively because if its easy to tail it’ll not have the hold you want, that solid Chinese finger puzzle type of lock down on the tail.

I find that if I get it right the only way I can get the tail pulled completely back down into the line is by employing a rotating measure of the three, four nudge techniques.

  • Tie the line off to a cleat and stretch it with a winch to get some tension
  • Milk the line forward whilst under tension to increase the “room”, think of this like trying to release the Chinese finger puzzle grip as you try to bury the tail.
  • Take it off the stretch and hammer gently to compress the fibres of the line, sometimes you can roll a little with your foot as you do this and it help.
  • Repeat and be patient

I generally find it takes me quite a few repetitions of the above to finally get the tail neatly buried and by then the eye splice is solid as a rock and should last a lifetime.

I always remind myself, if I want it to last a long time, a little time coercing it into shape is all fair and to be expected.

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  1. I highly recommend the Brion Toss videos on splicing. Very helpful.

    The first time I spliced New England Ropes Dinghy Tow Rope, a large four wheel drive pickup and a huge oak tree were involved to get the tail to bury. Highly recommend the product: UV resistant nylon double-braid cover over polypropylene core. It floats.

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