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Stay Fit on board

Keeping fit on board is essential. The boat tends to make sure you are reasonably fit all by itself. But you need more.

When things get exciting on the boat you sometimes realise it would be nice to have a little extra strength to throw around, rather than be thrown around.

We use a TRX Suspension exercise straps for keeping ourselves minimally fit along with a skipping rope and stomach roller for core.

You don’t need much, but a little each day will ensure you stay strong enough to handle those moments when the boat demands more from you.

Fitness on the boat doesn’t need to mean carrying weights.

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  1. Staying fit and strong I agree is super important. Being a physio you can just have a mat and use your own body weight. Lots of very good apps out there I use Alo moves. It has yoga, strength, meditation and flexibility. Sessions from 7mins to 45. Super easy to very challenging.

    1. Hey Phil, Yep, just like the good old Callisthenics, I’m old enough to remember :-). Our bodyweight, especially mine these days, provides quite a bit of resistance. Boat yoga (projects in small spaces) seems to keep me pretty supple, whereas Connie likes to do the real stuff on our matt.

      Last time I did actual Yoga I broke my neck… true story.. with obviously more to it :-).

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