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Tenting in the Rear Cockpit

The tent walls are being hung.

We are most definitely upgrading our live-aboard life at a sewing machine, needle-spinning pace. The Captain learns fast and his newly acquired construction skills are clearly demonstrated by the fact that we now have part of a tent (or should that be a party tent?) with fabric walls and firm stainless steel fastenings holding the yardage in place on the rear cockpit of Waiata. That is to say, we have a wall of waterproof Sunbrella in our chosen shade of shark grey, with the risky choice of enhancing white stitching which we think is complementary to the stark naked white of our fibreglass hull. And so, the enclosure construction is well underway and the life upgrade continues. Next update: here’s hoping he will figure out how to insert windows! Fingers crossed for a clear view!!

Shark grey fabric walls for the cockpit enclosure
Stainless steel bridges hold the fabric strapping firmly in place
Our part (or should that be ‘party’) enclosure is well under construction

He spent his nights
on camping sites
Can this suntan
make him a man
He’s in one of the tents
She’s in one of the tent tent tent
 -‘Tent’ from way back in 1979, by Nits.  Listen here 

5 Responses

  1. Asking fine progress skipper, now get those holes cut worry about fitting the windows in the holes later it’ll focus the mind much quicker 😆

    1. Oh goodness Alex – there is so much fabric just in making the walls – so hoping he cuts some large holes to give an expansive view. Greg’s been so very good at ticking off this major task. I’d be overwhelmed but he just gets on with stitching and getting it done. So admirable from the admiral’s perspective.

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