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The Iridium, Predict Wind Conundrum

Setting up Satellite weather is simple, but not straight forward.

You need a satellite device like an Iridium Go, but you also need

  • an account with a weather provider like Predictwind, who’s site has its own logon,
  • a Satellite communications plan, which you get, in Predictwinds case, from
  • a sub-site of Predictwind that has its own logon which is potentially different from the Predictwind subscription itself and you need some
  • software that does not need a continuous connection the internet, In PredictWind’s case an application called PredictWind OffShore.

To join all this together you need a SIM card for the Iridium that is joined to all the different plans.

Make sure you put in the time and effort to get it all working whilst you still have a strong 4G connection. Trying to sort it out whilst you are no longer connected or poorly connected will result in failure.

Its not hard, but its not simple either!!!!

P.S. I’ll soon write a howto article for the IT Sailor to help those needing to setup an Iridium Go.

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