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Almond Blossoms along the wine road

The Wine Road

The Wine Road is a mountainous skinny road ...

When I was a kid we always used to go for a Sunday drive. It was the kind of thing you did because cars were a novel form of entertainment and rather newly acquired I guess. We’d go with my grandparents for ice cream oftentimes and grandad would drive his shiny pride and joy black Zephyr (I think it was a Mark II). It was always an orange chocolate chip ice cream for grandad although sometimes he’d change and opt for mint chocolate. I always went for the full-on gooey chocolatey chocolate option. Still do!

Nowadays as a mostly grown-up person, we have adventure Sundays rather than ice cream sundaes. With a desire for continued discovery, we set off over the ‘Wine Road’ today. It is really called ‘The Wine Road’ and is a mountainous skinny road pockmarked with potholes that crosses s the belly of the island like a tightly cinched-in, leathery old weathered belt.

A crossroads along the way.

And it is beautiful. There are picturesque traditional old tavernas and modern white abodes intermingled with rocky old casas that are missing windows and homely love, likely since the war. There are wrangled gnarled olive trees clinging onto the side of the hills and orchards wearing jewels of winter citrus oranges and lemons, and cactuses that bloom red-pink flowers that I’m told are edible and make great marmalade (no mention of their ability to become tequila). The almond trees are blossoming in preparation to yield their culinary nuts later in the year, and of course, there are vineyards that are aging away, holding their breath to turn the lights on again when summer and the tourists again return.

Almond Blossoms along the wine road
Almond blossoms along the Wine Road
Hole in the Wall

And so our Sunday venture along the Wine Road was wonderful. It was a 15 km round trip which we ended with a souvlaki and beer on the waterfront. Here’s to relaxing Sunday’s and warm lazy days ahead.

I adore the sound of Motown and have always been a Commodores fan – and many of you know my connection with Lionel Richie. And so today, it’s Easy (listen here)

“I wanna be high, so high
I wanna be free to know
the things I do are right
I wanna be free
Just me babe,
That’s why I’m easy
Easy like Sunday morning”

4 Responses

  1. You certainly have the eloquence and skills to become a fine member of the tourist board. Not to mention your great taste in music

    1. You’re so kind Alex – we just really enjoy sharing our journey and love that you and Marian are along for the ride. I need to work on my photography skills I think – but every day is some learning. X

  2. Nah, Babe, Sunday drives were because everything closed down for the weekend, remember? No shops, no malls, only about one channel on TV. The only things open were service stations and dairies. But gas was cheap, so families used to get out of town and enjoy the countryside, go visiting, to the beach, whatever. Not just wander around the malls trying to find something to waste money on. They were good times.

    The Wine Road is lovely.

    1. Ahhh yes – that sure is a contributing factor. The good ol’ days eh! But growing up in Sydney – the shops were open Saturdays and my folks owned a Shell petrol station. But totally agree the shopping sentiment. Can you believe it is the most popular weekend pastime? Crazy eh!

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