To shoe or not to shoe that is the question…..

Footware on a boat is a complicated affair.

In cooler climates its an easy thing to answer, get yourself some really good sea boots with good water protection and great grip on the deck.

But in warmer climates? its gets a lot harder.

The best footware is none at all, you get full grip, no problems with water BUT and it is a big BUT no protection from bashing Deckware and Gelcoat is not your feet’s friend.

My answer is marine Jandals, flipflops or sandals that won’t mark the boat for most day to day operations, BUT when it comes to going forward to do something at sea…. barefeet for me!!!

What God gave you is a brilliant solution, but won’t like it if you use them all the time on the boat. Give them a break when you don’t need that level of brilliant 🙂

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