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Using small gauge Chain makes a better stern-too anchor rode

Taking about 2m of small gauge chain , still has a 4000kg breaking strain in my case, and splicing two pieces of nylon anchor rode onto the ends, gives you a much better stern-too anchor line.

Not only is it pretty much Chafe proof, which is very important if you are going to fix to rings or rocks, but it also adds drop weight that means that attaching to a rock is a more secure process, the Chain, once dropped behind a rock, will not flex up or over the rock in bad conditions.

The nylon rode means you can attach to your stern lines (or webbing in our case) easily just using bowline knots or such like and also in an emergency can be cut free with out trouble or requiring bolt cutters.

NOTE: f you intend to tie off to a tree, use some firehose cover or simply nylon anchor rode to protect the tree bark from damage.

Here’s how to splice some rode onto a chain

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