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Viaduct Harbour – Home harbour

I squeezed in a stroll around viaduct harbour this morning before heading to the Murder House (aka dentist) to get my smile polished.

Auckland is always going to be my emotional home and I’ve been taking large gulps of The City of Sails whilst here. Day or night, it’s always a pleasure to be amongst the Viaduct vibe.

Be sure to check out the impressive size of that keel at the end! It is on the hull of KZ1 – affectionately known as the ‘Big Boat’ and designed by Bruce Farr – the largest single masted yacht the 27th America’s Cup rules would allow. Such a beautiful boat standing sentry at the doors of the Maritime museum, that she always tickles a smile hauling up great memories.

“Yeah, I’m thankful, scratch that, Baby, I’m grateful gotta say it;s really been a while. But now I got back that smile I’m so thankful, Scratch that, Baby, I’m grateful. Now you see me shine from a mile. Finally got back that smile”.

Katy Perry

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