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Waiata would like to thank these guys!!!

Introducing our shore crew for the Atlantic trip

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When it comes to being offline for 3 weeks… most of us would be horrified and go into panic :-).

But worse, combine that with being completely out of contact, well basically, for that time and even jokes, “like never being further than 7km from land….. straight down”, means that having a Shore Crew for Waiata’s Atlantic crossing is an absolute must for their mental health.

To put this into perspective, at the mid point Greg, Connie and Nick (their son) will be nearly 1500Nm (2700Km) away from any land and over 12000km from their home and families back here in NZ and that will be Christmas day for them, more or less.

So, as well as saying a huge thanks for these guys Greg has asked me to introduce them to you. Drum roll inserted here ;-).

Looking after Waiata’s Website and online presence as well as communications link to Waiata is me – I’m Matt.

I’m Greg and Connie’s Son-in-law. They told me I had to say they are very proud to have me in their family, so guess I’m doing ok. I would have loved to be helping directly onboard, but the costs are just out of reach with a young family and work demands holding me firmly in New Zealand.

But I am very excited to be virtually part of the team as they cross.

Me, looking the part on my wedding day.
Roger and his two lads, both of which must be sitting down in this picture or, as Roger puts it “I’d be addressing them at nipple height”.

Roger is one Greg and Connie’s oldest friends and much like Greg, a geek at heart. He has offered to step up and back up me (Matt) should we have any drama with our technology that will be keeping them connected and you informed about their transit. Roger, unlike me, sailed in his youth with his family and is quite happy to leave them to their paddle across the pond, whilst he stays warm and dry back in Australia.

Onshore Weather Routing Team

Mike, arguably claims to be the oldest friend Greg has and knows where all the skeletons are hidden.

He has been on Waiata a number of times, both in the UK and also sailing around Croatia with the lovely Julie, his wife.

Mike has kindly offered to be Waiata’s onshore weather man, keeping a bigger, wider view on the weather as they cross and helping them make decisions on their route along the way.

Mike would definitely have loved to be there with them as crew. But I can’t feel sorry for him as he has had a number of sailing holiday’s this year around the med, some on a SuperYacht!!!

Mike, making friends at a local brewery in Dubrovnik, as Mike usually makes friends everywhere he goes.
Alex, sailing on Amy, their boat in the Solent. Showing how its done :-).

Alex, has kindly offered to back up Mike on the weather routing side of affairs.

Alex and Marian are great friends of Waiata, Greg and Connie first met them when living onboard Waiata in the Hamble and they are very possibly Sailing Waiata’s biggest fans.

With a new granddaughter having just arrived, this was the only thing stopping them from both joining Waiata as crew for the crossing. To say they were gutted would be a very true statement and to be honest so were Greg and Connie, These guys are great and Greg and Connie would have loved having them along as crew… but supporting them each day is very valuable and Waiata loves having them involved along the journey.

Finally as a little note to add the onboard crew have let me know that they are expecting to be held up meaning their departure may be held back by a few days in las Palmas due to some rather heavy weather

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  1. Loving all the stories and wishing you all the safest of crossings.
    Sounds like you have a truly wonderful land team behind you snd duppirying you.
    Big love and safe journey ❤️

    1. Its fantastic to hear all the stories isn’t it jeanette, looking forward to helping the crew keep in touch and updating their story as it unfolds

    1. Thanks Karl, With such wonderful people on board I feel pretty privileged to be apart of the story even if from behind the scenes and count myself lucky to have some amazing people to help me

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