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Water Clarity & Paintbox Colours

A Grecian Winter's day is rather beautiful, don't you agree?

The paintbox colours of quaint fishing boats and the clarity of the water on a Grecian winter’s day are rather beautiful, don’t you agree?  In summer places like this are thronging with tourists – women wearing scant almost barely-there bikinis,  and men baring too much in Speedo’s that smack of sexy Burt Reynolds types in the seventies would be the most common of sights.  Sipping beer and ouzo, devouring Greek cuisine with salty flavors of olives and feta somehow exaggerating the saltiness of the surrounding sea.  But it’s the off-season and we are blessed to be beachside on a bluebird type of winter’s day.  

“How big, how blue, how beautiful
How big, how blue, how beautiful
And every city was a gift
And every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips
And I was making you a wish”
– Florence + the Machine. Listen here

Crystal clear water with paint box coloured sailing boats

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