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Whilst Greg returns to Leros and Storms, Connie continues to enjoy friends, sunshine and grandchildren

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Whilst Connie remains in glorious sunshine back in New Zealand, I’ve headed back to Greece and in particular Leros to begin the work of gettting Waiata ready for the next seasons travels.

We have a few jobs that still need to be done from our refit for cruising as well as a few we have found along the way. It’ll keep me busy and of course, not glorious Greece as we know her during the summer months.

No rather more like winter Greece with storm winds blasting beyond 40kts and cold temperatures meaning a return to winter cloths and beanie’s for me.

The flight over from Athens to Leros, in particular was exciting. The first day the flight was cancelled due to Thunderstorms that made flying just too dangerous. The second day’s flights, after a night in the airport hotel, was no less dramatic with 40kt winds and the take off and landing were rather “Interesting”.

The landing shown here is calmer than the take off, but I was busy holding on to the seat and my heart and didn’t have a spare hand for a camera :-).

I think I stopped the video just before the spontaneous clapping broke out, no doubt to celebrate the pilot. Job well done.

So whilst I wrap up warmly and get some work done. Connie is spending some more time with sunshine, beaches, friends and most importantly Grand children.

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